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Dr. Robyn E. WilsonDr. Robyn Wilson is the Owner of Praxis Management Consulting Pte Ltd, and works with leaders in Asia to enable them manage and grow their organisations – whether they be CEOs, senior leaders, entrepreneurs or people with dreams!  As a facilitator, consultant, executive coach, educator and researcher, Robyn helps her clients:

  •        Achieve Clarity to gain Purpose,
  •        Navigate Change to ensure Strategic Direction,
  •        Manage Relationships to secure Positive Results, and
  •        Develop Leaders that groom Successful People.

Her rare mix of skills and abilities along with her diverse background and experience gives her unique perspectives when addressing her work with individuals, teams and organizations – which can take a variety of approaches or mix thereof – in the areas of strategy, leadership and team/organisational capability building, innovation, cultural awareness and global/regional readiness, customer/stakeholder experience and personal development. Robyn has also provided strategic assistance to companies along with in-house development activities by using case based learning (a formal process for helping a company both capture the lessons from its successes and failures and for bringing clarity to complex challenges and issues).

Each person is unique with their own dreams, responsibilities, giftings and challenges.  This is Robyn’s starting point and she loves seeing these individuals discover and, in turn, realize the greater potential that lies within them.  In her work, Robyn is always mindful not to “bid you enter the house of her wisdom, but rather lead you to the threshold of your own mind.” (Kahlil Gibran, “On Teaching”).

Robyn is Australian and originally came to Singapore in 1996 to complete her PhD at NUS.  Her work takes her all around Asia, as she works with people from everywhere.  She is now very much at home here and has come to love the cultural diversity, richness, and the food of Asia!

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  1. Dear Dr Wilson
    I hope you are well.
    I work for Royal Bank of Canada as a learning & organisational development consultant. The senior regional leadership team is looking for a consultant-facilitator to work with them on their offsite in Singapore on Friday 5 Sep. This team is trying to tackle leadership and business challenges and we think your experience and background would be very helpful in facilitating them toward next steps. If this looks like something you would like to discuss, please contact me at my email or give me a ring at my mobile number 9589 0080.
    Best regards, Wendy

  2. RE: Speaker Invitation: Women in Leadership Summit, 29 & 30 January 2015, Singapore

    Dear Robyn

    On behalf of my company Aventedge, it is my sincere privilege to invite you to speak at our upcoming Women in Leadership Summit, 29 & 30 January 2015, Singapore. This is a two-day conference with a comprehensive topic agenda covering a wide spectrum of information and discussion on Singapore’s women leadership landscape. This summit brings together some of Singapore’s women leaders like yourself, to discuss various issues and share inspirational leadership journeys with the aim of accelerating gender diversity in the workplace.

    We would like to invite you to be our Chairperson, and moderator for our panel discussions for 30th January 2015, Friday.

    We are confident that your participation will make an excellent contribution to the programme and event. This is also a great opportunity to network and exchange views with other successful women leaders as well as aspiring women leaders in Singapore.

    Aventedge has a good track record in producing conferences and has had many successful events. The Women in Leadership Summit was first held in December 2013 in Australia ( and met with great success. Following positive feedback from past delegates and speakers, Aventedge is conducting the summit again this December, in a total of 3 cities across Australia (

    Given the success that we have experienced in Australia, we have decided to hold the same conference in Singapore next January. We are confident that this conference will achieve similar success in Singapore, and hope to obtain your support as we aim to empower women leaders and promote a more gender diverse workforce.

    I would like to discuss this event further, and also send you a copy of our latest draft agenda. Please feel free to contact me at +65 6589 0650 or email

    Thank you very much for your consideration and I look forward to your affirmative response to this invitation.

    Best regards,

    Jamie Tan
    Conference Producer
    Phone: +65 6589 0650 | Fax: +65 6410 9056
    Robinson Road Post Office, PO Box 1395, Singapore 902745

  3. Hi Robyn,

    We met at Duke a couple of years ago. Would like to connect with you as I enjoyed meeting you briefly. I am back in Singapore for a few weeks with no travel. Please let me know if you are free for a network chat on August 11th at 10.30am?


  4. Hi Dr.Robyn

    I attended one of your workshops via SCWO, about 2 years ago and I was keen to invite you to speak at our yearly Asian Summit for Secretaries and Admin Professionals (ASSAP). In 2016, it’ll be our 10th year, and we are so excited to make this fabulous day for our ladies. It’ll be a one day conference on 19 April 2016, and I thought we could chat about it more. You can have a look at the previous year/s here I can be reached on 9067 3832 or 9651 4612. Looking forward to hear from you soon, Robyn.

    Best wishes
    Business Manager

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