Over time, many people have asked me about what my various activities whether it be around my work, travels, or giving-back projects.  I’m also asked for references to books, videos, or sites that I have found interesting or curious – whether I’ve mentioned in conversation or not.  And some people have found some of my musings interesting.  So, this site is the go-to site to find all these bits and pieces.

More specifically, this site contains:

  • Robyn’s Nuggets are interesting articles, videos, or books that I have found and choose to share.
  • Inspiration is what I have found to inspire me.  They may be poems, pictures, or a graphic of some form, for example.  I hope they also inspires you!
  • The Chautara Exchange is where I put the needs of friends of mine in the hope that other friends may see it in their heart to join them and help.  Interestingly, help usually goes both ways, I find.
  • Musings is where I play with thoughts, concepts and curiosities.
  • Reflections are stories of experiences I’ve had and as I reflect, I have found meaning and learning.
  • Writings is where I share more formal articles I have written on a range of topics.
  • Travels is where I share my traveling experiences.

In the future, I will include Favourites, Social Media links and other treats.

For those who would like more of a professional overview of me, here is it ….


Do consider the following:

  • How you can participate in The Chautara Exchange  Let’s really make a difference!
  • Connecting and starting conversations about what’s interesting and what matters.