New Year Greeting for 2016

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As we turn our backs on 2015, it’s a time to take stock and reflect. What a year it has been! It’s been such a mixture of challenges, great adventures, achievement, historic events, and moments when our world has been severely shaken in different ways. In some ways, I’m still trying to make sense of much.

However, as we look to 2016, let’s remember the wisdom of Winnie The Pooh!

Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope its a fabulous year for you – one with purpose, aspirations, the energy you need, good health, new beginnings and lots of laughter!

Village-focused Agricultural Project in Nepal

Recently, in Nepal, I visited a village-focused agricultural project. Born out of the earthquake and seeded by an international donation, this project started with the purchase of good seed, the development of some infrastructure (like watering system), agricultural know-how and training of the village women.

Sunita Nhemaphuki, a woman entrepreneur and founder of R&D Innovative Solution Pvt Ltd, along with her very supportive husband, Damber Khanal, are the creators of this project.

Tomato crop at village-focused agriculture project in Nepal
Tomato crop at village-focused agriculture project in Nepal

I saw a few ripe tomatoes and I understand that this is the beginning of crops to be harvested. Produce will be distributed through Green Mart, a small chain of grocery stalls in Kathmandu, and profits will be distributed back to the women in the village.

This project is being very carefully monitored with all activities being documented and measured. The aim is to optimise the operation and output of this farm while also encouraging the women to start their own personal farms.

I’d love to see this project replicated many times in Nepal, and perhaps “seeded” with investments from those with good hearts